Dear Marilyn and Kazuo. We have many fond memories and lots of photos. I have been working hard to thin them down. We are often asked “What was your favorite part?” and I have a hard time answering, there is no one event. Certainly meeting the present owner of our old home! But the variety you planned was wonderful. Temples and shrines with old and new gardens, a castle, private homes and very public spaces; museums, city and countryside, breathtaking modern buildings and gorgeous, delicious meals! Comfortable and thoughtful hotels and always good company along the way. I have to reply, the whole trip was a favorite part, even the beautiful Kyoto train station.

We also appreciate both of your thoughtfulness for our comfort and stamina. We managed to be well ready for each new day’s adventures but were also ready to rest at the end of each day and welcomed the pause before the dinner outings. We miss all that delicious food and the fun company.

Thank you great planners!- Elizabeth and Allen


Hi Marilyn – we called your Asia Center hotel room number yesterday morning a couple of times before we left, to say thanks and wish you a terrific ‘next chapter’ of this trip to Japan, but you weren’t in so, were using email instead – we enjoyed the Garden Tour very, very much – when we talked about the special moments we remember, we kept bringing up more and more images of beautiful garden scenes, special spaces in villas, quiet moments among moss and Jizos… And green, green, green – what a lovely perspective of Japan you enabled Kim and me to experience.

Oh, before I forget, we managed to get to the Canadian Embassy – what a beautiful garden (we were the only people there) and also the Sogetsu Kaikan; I was flooded with sweet memories of my mother there – See you in Seattle. – Cara, for Kim and me

Dear Marilyn

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip to Japan. The organization was superb, the sites we visited beautiful and incredibly fern-rich, and the places we stayed at ideal. I’d be very grateful if you pass my thanks to Kazuo for his helpful care and conscientious leadership, and to Asher (do you have his email address) who was a brilliant interpreter and guide and from whom we learned so much of Japan and Japanese culture. I’m also hugely grateful to you for arranging the assistance and attendance of the Nippon Fern Club. They were brilliant! So helpful and kind; they enriched our visit immeasurably. If you can convey our thanks to them it would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks you again, with best wishes   – Paul


Dear Marilyn,

Thank you very much for the photo. We had a great time! Please would you let Kazuo know that we had a very good journey home and arrived soon after 10pm last night. His instructions for finding our way in Tokyo were great and we were lined up for our train yesterday morning with 215 minutes to spare.

Please would you send our thanks to Kazuo and Asher for their superb organization – and thank you for yours also. I will

be in touch again when I have sorted out my pictures and fern lists.

With all best wishes     – Allison and Lizzie

Marilyn, KazuoI too would like to thank you both for arranging a great fern trip to Japan. I know it must have been a tremendous amount of work, but all who went agree that everything was wonderful. The arrangements were well thought out, well planned, and well organized. I also think that Asher made a great addition to your team.   I will always have fond memories of our trip, especially our stay in Kawakami and hiking in Japanese cedar forests to beautiful waterfalls. Thanks again for all you did to make this trip a grand success. – Lindsey

Hi Marilyn,

I just wanted to email and say what a great trip it was. You and Kazuo did a fabulous job finding the fern sources. The whole group was very impressed with all the time and effort the Japanese ferners put into making the tour a success. Asher was a treasure and Kazuo very patient. I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to take us on. Everything was wonderful. As expected there was some issues with food especially at Suginoyu but the hotel was beautiful, they tried, and presentation was a delight for the eyes.

I am finally sending you the forms and deposit for the April

tour. Looking forward to it. All the best,   – Pat

Dear Marilyn,

Now I am settled back home I want to thank you for a most excellent fern tour in Japan. The organization all worked very                 well and Kazuo was marvelous. I like to think we were not a difficult group but he organized us perfectly with plenty of patience! The help from the Japanese specialists was amazingly helpful. Everyone was so kind and pleasant. Asher was a great asset too. His translations were immediate – a talented young man.  Many thanks again – Martin



Dear Marilyn and Kazuo,

This is a very late greeting and thank you for all your hard work on our fern trip in October. Apologies for the late nature but I expect you know how it is. I was certainly one of the very best fern trips we have ever been on and how you found all these excellent people to help us I will never know. I doubt a better introduction to the ferns of Japan would have been possible to organize   and by chance while checking the place names for the report I came across your tour for 2016. Do please put me on the mailing list for this. We cannot be sure to go at this time until we know our son’s situation in New Zealand but may well join you. Best wishes and hoping to meet you in 2016. – Pat and Grace


Dear Marilyn and Kazuo.

As I reflect on my last trip to japan as Acute sense of gratitude to you and Kazuo. It was such a treat to be welcome back by these ardent fern fans and enjoy their tutelage.

Since my first trip to Japan with you in 2009 and subsequent trips. My life has been variously, continually and innumerable enhanced by an amazing culture and its myriad aspects , ancient and contemporary.

You both must put countless hours to address all the fine detail so we may return home enriched.

Thank you very much.

Chitra Parpia


Marilyn and Kazuo

The two of you made my first trip to japan so very special. It was so and memorable for me. My head and heart are filled with all we did and saw. Thank you so very much. Have safe travels today. I’ll be sure to see you in seattle.

Love Denny


Hi Marilyn

 This is such a thrilling and unforgettable adventure. Fantastic ferns, marvelous guides. and warn lovely people all in amazing surroundings. Thank you so much to yuo and Kazuo for arranging this special event.