We are here to create an unforgettable journey tailor-made for you or your group! We understand your desire to see things off the beaten path and more unusual or perhaps more challenging to reach. We are happy to provide you with an itinerary that will fulfill your ultimate Japan experience and to take care of the numerous details to ensure your safe, inspired, and light-hearted adventure.

We would be happy to assist you any step of the way in planning the trip of your lifetime! Rich, cultural experiences and traditions are our strength and we are thrilled to help you to be immersed in the Japanese way of life. Our passion is in the details and there are so many in Japan.

From tea ceremonies, to Zen gardens and Shinto shrines, to World Heritage Sites, museums, and artisan studios, to Japanese architecture, anime, and sword making, to stoneware glazed pottery, and weaving and dyeing of fabric, to gorgeous, structured gardens and luscious ferns, we have local, wonderful friends that will embrace you as an honored guest and truly make Japan feel like home.

Our expert and enthusiastic guides will escort you on your journey. we’ll make all arrangements for lodging and travel in any price category and style that you choose.

Contact us today to discuss your thoughts and we will help you to bring it into reality! Our mission is to inspire a more holistic and authentic journey to Japan, one filled with memories you can pass down for generations.


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