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Best Garden Tours in Japan

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Experience the breathtaking beauty of Japan through our private Japanese garden tours, designed to give you a refreshing and unforgettable horticultural adventure. Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” and is the nature lover’s dream destination, with vibrant flowers, budding trees, and forest greenery that come alive with every changing season.

Our tours feature the best gardens in Japan, where ancient Japanese heritage is reflected in the peaceful aesthetics of nature. Balance and harmony are focal elements in Japanese gardening and our private tours will lead you through the finest examples in the region.

Through our tours of the best Japanese gardens, you will discover the diversity of nature as we study azaleas and ferns, moss and rocks, waterfalls and wood, and the harmony they seek to create. Japanese gardens are renowned for their use of natural aesthetics without artificial ornamentation, a method that is less practiced in the Western world.

Japan Garden Tours

Our private garden tours provide the opportunity to study the intricate methods of Japanese gardening, while further cultivating your own passion for plant life. We offer guided tours through the best gardens of Japan including those in Kyoto, formerly the country’s capital, located on the island of Honshu.

Kyoto Garden Tours

In Kyoto, you will be captivated by panoramic vistas as we journey into the mountains and through local villages, while our expert tour guides join you in exploring the country in its peaceful, natural environment.

Kyoto gardens represent hundreds of years of Japan’s religious, philosophical, and social history expressed through their care of the botanical world.

Rock gardens, for example, provided a practical way of landscaping during times of war when water irrigation was disrupted.

Tea gardens alternatively provided a calm haven for meditation and reflection for those who practiced the rituals of Buddhism. As we tour through the best Japanese gardens we also welcome you to experience a private tea ceremony and take a glimpse into Japanese tea culture.

Japan Tours

Japan Specialized Groups Tours presents unique Japan Tours including Japan Tours of Gardens, Art, and Crafts as well as horticultural hiking tours for both Ferns of Japan and Japan Wildflowers. We are planning a ‘Slow Poke Japan Tour in spring 2021. Please contact us to help you create a memorable custom Japan Tour for your small group.

Garden Tours of Japan

Our private guided tours through the best gardens in Japan also provide rich cultural exposure and allow you to:

  • visit historic temples and shrines
  • explore the quiet back streets of Kyoto
  • learn about the unique silk dyeing process for the beautiful kimono garments
  • experience vibrant Japanese art museums
  • take a ride on a high-speed bullet train
  • tour downtown Tokyo
  • enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine

Our private guided tours are designed to be small and intimate, tailored with your best interests in mind. We have created our daily schedules to give you maximum exposure to the Japanese culture, yet at a refreshing pace that keeps you eager for the next day’s adventure. We will explore the country via private coach, taxi, and train, providing travel experiences you won’t want to miss. Come and be immersed in a culture deeply rich in natural beauty and history and be prepared to have your senses filled.

The Best Garden Tours in Japan

For more information on our upcoming tours, please contact us today at (206)491-1271 or marilyntsuchiya@comcast.net. We look forward to introducing you to the best Japanese gardens, providing you a rejuvenating experience for both mind and body.